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The GP210 is a hand-operated suction type water pump that can lift water approximately 25 feet (7.6 meters) at sea level from the water source to the pump at a rate of up to 17 US gallons (64.35 liters) per minute.  The momentum of the swinging pendulum provides a gravity-assisted advantage that allows the operator to work the pump with at least five-times less fatigue than any other hand-operated pump. This translates into the operators ability to pump by hand up to 1,000 US gallons (3785 liters) of water per hour with very little fatigue.
The GP210 General Purpose Pump
Well suited for irrigation, the GP210 is available on a stationary A-Frame, a mobile trailer or as a stand-alone unit to be installed on your own stanchion.  The Pendulum on the GP210 weighs just 40 lbs. and is 48 inches long.  A selector pin on the axle changes the length of the linear stroke to change the flow rate/pressure of the water being pumped.  This allows the operator to pump pressurized water, up to 80 psi. with nearly the same effort required to maintain the swinging of the pendulum with no water pressure.  There is No other hand- operated pump in existence today that can pump water at these volumes or pressure.  
Pin position                            Volume of water pumped                 pressure           Equivalent Head in Feet Selector pin position 4.        600 – 1200 US Gallons/hour              5 – 10 psi                  11.5 to 23 Selector pin position 3.        300 – 600 US Gallons/hour              10 – 20 psi                     23 to 46 Selector pin position 2.        150 – 300 US Gallons/hour              20 – 40 psi                     46 to 92 Selector pin position 1.          75 – 150 US Gallons/hour              40 – 80 psi                     92 to 184
The GP210 Water Treatment System
An optional water filtration system, manufactured by Hanish Water, is available for producing safe-drinking water that meets or exceeds World Health Organization standards.  This system filters any fresh water source down to sub-micron levels to virtually eliminate all contaminants including virus, bacteria and cysts.  When combined with the GP210, the complete system becomes a very powerful hand-operated surface water treatment system using a 4-stage filtration process.
Stage one keeps debris from harming the pump by using a 78 micron screen housed in a protective cage that is easy to clean. Stage two uses industrial-grade back-washable filters containing Z-pack, a third-generation media that removes suspended contaminants down to 3-5 micron. Stage three uses a 1 micron replaceable filter. Stage four uses the Hanish Water Bioguard/Carbon/Bioguard filter combination.  This filters your water at the sub-micron level to produce safe drinking-water. 
A field test of the GEC Water Treatment System performed on the Cuyahoga river in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio reduced the total coliform value of MPN 13,500/100ml to 0/100ml and the turbidity level from 9 to 0 NTU at 16 gpm. 
The GP210 in Haiti
In the spring of 2010, GEC donated a GP210 outfitted with a water filtration system to help the earthquake victims in Haiti.  It easily produced daily drinking-water for around 4,000 people with only three hours of operation a day.  When the filter systems were bypassed, the GP210 quickly pumped water out of a contaminated cistern.
Electric Motor Option for the GP210
Research and development continues with a two-story tall 18,000 lbs. Feltenberger Pendulum.  This computer-controlled machine has demonstrated dramatic results making GEC confident it will achieve 80+% efficiency in the generation of electricity.  Current coal-fired power plants only achieve 30-35% efficiencies. 
A bio-fuel engine is under development to replace and provide an increased efficiency over the compressed air input system currently used to drive the pendulum.             The primary purpose of these machines is producing electricity, however they can be directly applied to performing other tasks such as pumping large amounts of fresh water or seawater, or moving oil through pipelines.  In every case, these machines are intended to require about one-half the fuel that would normally be used without the gravity assist that GEC’s technology employs. Besides lowering the carbon footprint by reducing the fuel consumption, this simple design will require less capital to build and less maintenance compared to current power plants, making it a viable alternative to steam turbine technology for base load power requirements. Additionally, the pendulum technology can be constructed anywhere, even under-ground and out-of-sight.
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Commercial Electricity Generation Prototype
An optional 1hp electric motor is available for the GP210 to allow hands-free operation of the water pump in areas where electricity is available.  In the following video, you’ll see this option in action, and you’ll also see how to quickly switch the configuration back to hand-operation via the GP210 pendulum.