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How it Works
Capturing the energy from the momentum created from the gravitational force affecting a falling object as a mechanical advantage is the principal concept behind the Feltenberger Pendulum; invented by the president and CEO of GEC, Bruce Feltenberger.  The Feltenberger Pendulum currently has one US patent issued (US Patent No. 7,735,386) and a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) international application is pending. Operating the Feltenberger Pendulum is as easy as pushing a child on a swing.  It takes a little effort to get it moving, but once in motion, it takes far less effort to keep it swinging.  The first advantage of the Feltenberger Pendulum design resides in its pivot.  By reducing the friction at the pivot point of the pendulum to nearly zero, the Feltenberger Pendulum swings very freely and only needs an occasional small input force to maintain its motion. The second advantage of the Feltenberger Pendulum is how it captures the momentum from the swinging pendulum.  As the pendulum swings, the axle reciprocates in a linear (straight line) manner, causing a pumping action.  GEC calls this a double-reciprocating pendulum.  As  the pendulum swings back and forth, it also slides in and out providing an increased momentum.  It’s this linear or in-and-out motion that is harnessed as the mechanical advantage to assist with work.  The axle of the pendulum is attached to a piston rod that pushes and pulls the piston in a high-pressure water or hydraulic pump. The Feltenberger Pendulum is scalable and can be operated by hand or fuel-based engine.  Applications of the technology can include pumping and filtering water, generating electricity and much more.    
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Re-engineering Gravity Assisted Power
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For the Betterment of Mankind