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About Us
Gravitational Energy Corporation (GEC) incorporated in July 2007 as a C-Corp. by Bruce Feltenberger and Art Drentlau.  Mr. Feltenberger, GEC’s president and inventor of the Feltenberger Pendulum technology, has assigned GEC the rights to develop, manufacture and market the technology.  The Feltenberger Pendulum technology has one US Patent issued (US Patent No. 7,735,386), one US Patent pending, and one Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) pending. Prior to incorporating GEC, three years of design, research and development by Mr. Feltenberger, Mr. Drentlau and their chief engineer Matthew Butrick led to the development of several prototype machines of various sizes and capabilities to give a thorough understanding of the Feltenberger Pendulum technology.  As a result, GEC now has one commercial product, the GP210 general purpose pump.
Bruce Feltenberger - President & CEO Bruce brings to the company over 40 years of experience in engineering, manufacturing, and business management.  The inventor of the Feltenberger Pendulum technology, Bruce also holds US Patents on an inter-tidal hydroelectric system and high torque impulse turbine technology.
Art Drentlau - Senior Vice President Art brings to the company over 35 years experience in turnkey water, wastewater and industrial wastewater treatment projects.  His experience also includes power generation, site assessment, technical sales and supervision of plant construction along with sales and marketing.
Matthew Butrick - Chief Engineer Matthew brings to the company 25 years experience in mechanical engineering and manufacturing management.  He is highly accomplished in computer-aided design, manufacturing processes and the design and construction of prototype machinery.
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Re-engineering Gravity Assisted Power
For the Betterment of Mankind